VoyeurJapanTV vjt26349_9-def-1 ROSY YOUNG MISS ON PINK FLOWE…

Through a peephole, we spy a lean, pretty young lady in crisp white t-shirt and faded denim hot pants. She stands up and yanks down her shorts, fingers her hot moist slit through the crotch of her undies. She grinds into her rubbing fingers till she can’t take anymore. She needs to rub her bare skin and pulls off the panties.
On all fours with her ass and pussy aimed straight at us, she rubs a pair of fingers into the wet sticky crack of her snatch, then drills a finger deep inside as she moans with pleasure. Her little cries get faster and harder, her finger slides in and out with a fury. Then, exhausted, her hand drops to the floor. She has reached her climax and it’s time to dress and clean up.

Through the small peephole we see a bed with flowery pink pattern and hear the softs moans of a young lady. She steps to the bed and slides to the floor. Pulling up her rosy pink top, she massages her round boobies and cries out with lust. One hand must be rubbing her hot juicy crotch but we can’t see it yet.
Finally she pulls up onto the bed and we can see she’s naked from the waist down. Her right hand rubs her pussy then drives a few fingers into the moist crack. her fingers vibrate inside her as she struggles to catch a breath. Her body tossing and turning in ecstasy, she pulls her head up to see her fingers plow in. her legs fly up as she gets close to cumming. One hand on her nipple and the other reaching fingers into her wet snatch, she suddenly groans in orgasm then breathes slowly. Time to put on her panties and soft pink skirt, come back to reality again.

A chic, smart schoolgirl steps into view of our voyeur camera. She drops down onto the floor and begins frantically rubbing the crotch of her crisp white panties. Her fingers find the sensitive mound of her tingling clit and press in with little circles. Her moans are sharp and halting as her hands pick up speed. She needs relief and drops her plaid skirt and undies.
Her fingers plow in to her smooth pussy as soon as she hits the floor again. She stimulates her clit then dives back in to penetrate her moist snatch. Groaning louder, her toes curl up as she races toward a climax. Face scrunched into an orgasmic grimace, her body twitches and writhes in red-hot release. She grabs for clothes to dress and return to her usual routine.

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