JavPlatform Punish Torture Masochism


[MLDO-177] 妖湖女王様の飼育奴隷精子黄金完食調教 Mistress Youko is Training her Slave that She is Raising to Eat Semen and Brown Shower

休日の妖湖女王様の1日。目覚めはいつものクンニとアナル舐め奉仕を飼っている2匹の奴隷にさせ寝起きの濃い聖水を飲ます。鏡でメイク中は人間椅子として顔に座り汗ばんだワキを舐めさせ再び聖水を飲ます。奴隷達の食事は噛み砕いた食べ物を吐き出しツバと聖水を混ぜ食べさせる。ベッドではペニバンで喉の奥までイマラチオさせ奴隷のアナルを犯しまくる。ミスした奴隷にはフルスイングで鞭を浴びせまくり傷跡に噛みつき聖水を飲ませる。窒息寸前の顔面騎乗調教の後は山盛りの黄金を口に入れ、強制手コキで射精させたザーメンをお互い交換させ黄金と混ぜて完食させる。 A look into a full day of Mistress Youko’s day off. The moment she awakes, she has her two slaves that she’s raising to lick her pussy and ass as well as drinking her thick morning golden shower. When she’s putting on makeup in front of the mirror, she has one licking her armpit sweat while she sits on the face of the other that’s being used as a human chair. And once again facing them drink her golden shower. For the slave’s meal, Mistress Youko mixes her regurgitated food with her spit and golden shower. In the bed, she straps her strap-on and face fucks them and also ravishes their ass hole. Any mistakes that the slaves make, Mistakes Youko would whip them at full force, bites their wound and has them drink her golden shower. Lastly Mistress Youko will sit on their faces until the slaves are at the brink of suffocating and stuffs brown shower in their mouths. Then give them extreme hard-core handjobs so she can get their semen to mix into the brown shower to make them eat each other’s semen.

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